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Health ProtectorGuard

Fixed Indemnity insurance1
that can help when you need it

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(Sample rate is monthly premium for an individual with a Hospital Indemnity plan.)

Budget-friendly coverage. Cash benefits for covered, common medical services.

Health ProtectorGuard (HPG), underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, pays benefits on many of the common health services you use each year.


Choose a plan based on the number of office visit benefits you need per year 

Benefits for doctor office, specialist office and urgent care visits

How Does Health ProtectorGuard Work?

Janet slips on the path during her early morning jog. She falls hard, breaking her leg. She calls for an ambulance, and at the ER, the doctor orders an X-ray and then sets her leg in a cast. Because her health insurance has a high deductible she hasn’t yet paid, she’s responsible for the cost of all her care.

Select 1 plan paid

$500 Ambulance
+ $500 ER Visit
+ $50 X-ray

= $1,050 in benefits

A Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity plan, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, could help here. Depending on the plan options, with Health ProtectorGuard she could have $1,050 to help her pay her deductible. No deductibles, no copays to pay first. Just submit the covered expenses and get paid the eligible benefits, regardless of other insurance coverage she may have.

Note: This scenario is a fictional example of how fixed indemnity might work.

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Why Do We Feel Health ProtectorGuard Is Different?

Features help our fixed indemnity insurance plans pay benefits when you need them5

Unlimited benefits

  • Unlimited days of surgical benefits3
  • Unlimited days of inpatient hospital stay benefits

Increasing benefits

  • Injury hospitalization benefit increases each year
  • Higher benefits paid for more complex surgeries

Preventive care benefits

  • Benefits paid for taking care of yourself (waiting period in some states)
  • Benefits for certain common services like an annual physical or mammograms

Plan options you pick

  • You choose from multiple benefit levels
  • Plans for almost any need or budget

First dollar payments

  • Up-front fixed benefit payments – paid when a claim for a covered service is submitted
  • Eligible benefits paid regardless of other insurance coverage

Renewable plans

  • Renewable to age 65
  • Rate increase or cancellation is not based on changes to your health

Commonly Asked Questions

What is fixed indemnity insurance?

Fixed indemnity insurance pays a set amount of cash for covered medical services you receive. Regardless of what the total bill may be, you are paid that specific amount for the covered services.

Is Health ProtectorGuard a major medical health insurance plan?

No. It is not a major medical plan and does not provide the same coverage as an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plan. Fixed indemnity insurance pays limited benefits for covered services up to predetermined annual maximums.

If my main health insurance covers an expense, will Health ProtectorGuard still pay?

Yes. Health ProtectorGuard plans pay eligible benefits regardless of other insurance coverage.

How are benefits paid?

As soon as a covered service is performed, the facility, or in some cases you, will submit a claim for that service. The cash amount for that service, as indicated in the plan, is then paid.

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